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Fourty-seven per cent of the 2,000 current account holders asked, said they would not use Paym as they were concerned about security and money going missing.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at u Switch.com, said that fears about the theft of smartphones containing personal data, and a limited number of patners have so far "put the brakes on the take-up of this tech." "It remains to be seen if Paym can build enough trust in consumers - as well as deliver a simple and secure payment method - in order to promote mass uptake," he added.

HSBC, First Direct, Nationwide, Santander and Metro Bank have all signed up to the service, and more banks are expected to follow.The Brixton pound (B£), which launched in 2009, is a physical paper-based currency which can be used in over 250 independent Brixton-based traders.It is intended to "work alongside" pounds sterling, rather than replace it.Google Wallet, a mobile payment system developed by Google that allows its users to store debit cards, credit cards, loyalty cards, and gift cards on their mobile phone is only available in America.Users can tap their smartphone on a device in store and pay without the need for bank cards or cash.

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