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During the hottest part of the year, the coastal waters warm up dramatically, creating perfect conditions for snorkelling and scuba diving.The balmy water teems with colourful fish and aquatic life.If it’s the hotter temperatures you seek, visit between April and September, when temperatures average around 27 C, a few degrees warmer than the annual average of 25 C.The two hottest months in Cozumel are June and July.Cozumel’s location east of the Yucatan Peninsula and close proximity to the Caribbean Sea means it is blessed with a steady subtropical climate all year long.

Generally speaking, locals are more than happy to share any information to enhance your visit and make you want to return.Besides a swimsuit, make sure you bring along a hat with a good-sized brim, sunglasses and sunscreen.As a culture, the Mayans are known for their peace-loving practices and warm hospitality.After all, it’s hard to be a bully when everybody in town knows your business (besides the fact Cozumel is known for its exceptional and helpful police force, and for its overall safety).Another advantage is the small-town vibe and ongoing presence of local people in everyday street life.

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