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One of the major benefits of the Socket Labs On-Demand service is providing a single central location to see the status of all your messages, including those that failed delivery.We employ an array of technologies to collect and analyze failures that occ...Below are the answers to some important questions regarding the creation of content in the Marketing section of the Socket Labs On-Demand Control Panel.Should you need a walkthrough of our basic marketing features, you can view instructions for Managing R...To enable the use of SSL/TLS when injecting email messages to Socket Labs via SMTP Relay, it's usually as simple as enabling the “Use SSL/TLS” checkbox present in the configuration screen of most mail clients and servers. For phone and chat customer support that is specific to your account, you will be asked for a support PIN. The URL for our HTTP Injection API is [ https://inject.socketlabs.com/api/v1/email ]. The Inbound message processing feature allows On-Demand customers to direct their inbound email to Socket Labs servers.

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Please also see our article that discusses basic SM... We often hear our customers ask "What is the Suppression List?

For detailed, step-by-step instructions on creating and sending email using our tools see our articles Your First Mailing [https:...

Applies to Socket Labs On-Demand Applies to HMS Version: 1.0 When messages bounce or fail in either the On-Demand service or in an On-Premise system, failure codes are provided in order to indicate the nature of the bounce or failure. UPLOAD CRITERIA Only files are accepted at this time and they must conform to the following specifications: * file format must be * file size must be less than 250 megabytes (262,144,000 bytes) * must be comma delimited (commas should b...

Unsubscribe events always require text to be added,...

Below are the answers to some important questions regarding the Marketing section of the Socket Labs On-Demand Control Panel.

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