6520 speedstream updating Which xxx camsites are fully free

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It turns out that Bell Aliant (and many other ISPs) do not use a special pared down firmware which restricts the functions of the 6520.

Instead, they merely hide the more advanced features by not making them accessible from their custom configuration screens.

The trick is to use a custom made HTML page which will access the hidden settings.The best example of this is when you buy a new video game that requires the latest video drivers from Nividia or ATI that will enable your video cards to run your new game on your PC.When drivers become outdated your computer may begin to malfunction with additional software and hardware you add on to your PC due to conflicts in the resources they use or just incompatible versions..So the manufacturers will usually release newer drivers for their hardware on their websites for you to update your PC with to fix these bugs they have found. On your PC, you have hardware like your video cards, monitor, mouse, sound cards, etc that came from the PC manufacture.These drivers also need to be up-to-date in order to work properly with your new hardware or software.

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not updating since new heads added