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Mary’s Catholic school and served on the school’s choir.

Many stars had powerful reactions to Jamey’s death, and a lot of momentum was added to the “It Gets Better” campaign, which shows young people that once they get past the unforgiving schoolhouse environment that life becomes much more pleasant for those with differing lifestyles.Smith was believed to be straight for the first two years of his career until an interview back in May of 2014 where he revealed that he was actually homosexual.Smith also admitted that he had been in a relationship with the model and actor Jonathan Zeizel, who he revealed was actually the subject of his entire Grammy winning album!She faced a traumatic experience at the age of 16 when her best friend died in a car crash, and after being introduced by her boyfriend to the literary works of Ayn Rand she converted from a Catholic into a devout Atheist.You may have seen her on the big screen in “Zombieland” where she was the first person to try and eat Jesse Eisenberg’s face, or as a leading lady in the more recent “Magic Mike XXL.” She was recently the subject of a scandal in Australia that could see her facing up to 11 years in prison and a 102,000 dollar fine.

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