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after my biggest show, an older male comedian, mildly famous, cornered me.

Put more comfort behind every stride toward your next PR.

I was floored, silenced by my own shock and disbelief.

There were five men in the room, and none of them were ignored.

There was a difference in behavior (and language choices) between the men and women, yes, but nothing ever felt oppressive or interfered with my work or career growth—at least not that I was aware of.

But ever since the meeting incident, I began noticing the reports of lower pay among women, and the fact that women weren’t always heard in the workplace, no matter the industry.

He actually serves as the head of all Catholic churches in Accra.

The Archbishop is one of the most endearing men of God in the country, with his jovial nature attracting many to him.

My first professional job was at a software company in Fargo, North Dakota.And this was happening at all types of companies, so it was hard to pin down “likely environments.” So, what did I do?I tolerated it—until I landed a leadership position at Microsoft a year later as a director of marketing. I watched for opportunities in meetings where women might be glossed over in their contribution, and I’d circle the conversation back to them so that we thoughtfully heard their idea.In fact, we were about 30 minutes into the meeting and they had been problem-solving right and left.I had the experience and had been working with the partners on a daily basis, but no one was acknowledging my insights or ideas.

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