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Many news values seem to be common across cultures.People seem to be interested in news to the extent which it has a big impact, describes conflicts, happens nearby, involves well-known people, and deviates from the norms of everyday happenings.In the Muslim world, people have gathered and exchanged news at mosques and other social places.

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In 13–1325, laws were established governing their appointment, conduct, and salary.Similar developments are found in the Slavic languages the Czech and Slovak noviny (from nový, "new"), the cognate Polish nowiny, the Bulgarian novini, and Russian novosti — and in the Celtic languages: the Welsh newyddion (from newydd) and the Cornish nowodhow (from nowydh).Whereas historians tend to view events as causally related manifestations of underlying processes, news stories tend to describe events in isolation, and to exclude discussion of the relationships between them.The Zulu Kingdom used runners to quickly disseminate news. In most cases, the official spreaders of news have been closely aligned with holders of political power.Town criers were a common means of conveying information to citydwellers.

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