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Hygiene is no longer an issue, the lack of foreskin keeps the penis clean at all times. On the contrary, I find intercourse improved 10 fold since the circumcision.The few microns the skin that the glans may have thickened makes no difference at all to sexual receptiveness and I find it in some ways it is more sensitive.Several years later I finally got around to having it done.I saw a local GP who after questioning me as to why I wanted it done, referred me to a general surgeon.

This together with the continued hygiene issues made me decide to have a circumcision.It annoys me that the anti circumcision lobby creates so many myths and lies about circumcision in order to prove their point.I even read somewhere that one of them thought it was uncomfortable to ride a bike because he was circumcised!I would like to offer my experiences to readers of this site as, unlike many, I have seen both side of this 'argument' from a first hand view. At that time, circumcision was the norm, I apparently was the only infant in the ward not circumcised.The choice of my parents not to circumcise was the same as many parents who do - to look like my father.

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