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The format of the on-line training is as follows: 1) it begins with a paragraph which presents a scenario, followed by one question to answer; 2) then, there is educational content re: the scenario; 3) afterward, you are taken back to the initial question and given the opportunity to edit your earlier response. With successful completion, a certificate is available to be printed out as the last step of the on-line training.Each person is to provide a copy of the certificate to one’s location(s) of employment and/or to each location where one volunteers.For other questions, pastors, principals, and parish/school secretaries may contact: Sr.

Become familiar with current slang your teen is using.

Some parenting-related websites include current “teen slang” dictionaries to assist parents in having effective conversations with teens.

In short, keep a clear head and a calm demeanor and continue to learn about their world.

Communication includes talking with your child, listening to your child, and learning all you can about your child’s world.

Speak Up Talk with your child about “adult” material.

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