Afarensis dating

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This whole issue is discussed at length in the FAQ.Lucy is an example of Australopithecus afarensis, and other examples of this species have been found since then. Charles Oxnard completed the most sophisticated computer analysis of australopithecine fossils ever undertaken, and concluded that the australopithecines have nothing to do with the ancestry of man whatsoever, and are simply an extinct form of ape (Fossils, Teeth and Sex: New Perspectives on Human Evolution, University of Washington Press, 1987).This tuff had been dated a few years earlier at 2.6 million years so Richard Leakey assigned the skull an age of 2.9 million years.This aroused a storm of controversy as the skull had an enormous brain capacity of perhaps 825 cubic centimeters and several surprisingly modern features.

If ER-1470 was an adult male, then the small brow ridges, thin cranium and other modern features would assume greater importance and approach modern man.were discovered in the 1970’s by Donald Johanson working in the Afar Triangle of Ethiopia at the site of Hadar.A succession of spectacular discoveries, including a knee joint, the famous Lucy skeleton, and the remains of a family group, ensured that would come to occupy a prominent place on the hominin family tree.africanus--"Homo habilis," "Homo africanus") was almost directly ancestral to man, a series of multivariate statistical studies of various postcranial fragments suggests other conclusions." He further concludes, "Finally, the quite independent information from the fossil finds of more recent years seems to indicate absolutely that these australopithecines of half to 2 million years and from sites such as Olduvai and Sterkfontein are not on a human pathway." In Oxnard's opinion, australopithecines were neither like humans or apes but more like Pongo, the orangutan..more "distant" from man, than a gorilla... Skull 1470 discovered by Leakey is supposed to be an ancestor to man, too."to the extent that resemblances exist with living forms they tend to be with the orangutan" (U. Did you know that Leakey and others obtained 41 potassium-argon dates for this skull, all of which they rejected because the date obtained was not "right"?

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