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When many people hear this word they automatically think of an all-star athlete, a famous singer, actor, or any other celebrities of that sort.

But have you taken the time to recognize the hero that is right in front of your eyes?

If Salma’s mother was like the majority(mestizo) she would just be called Mexican.

I wouldn’t go saying Daniella is Spanish just by her last name.

Us latinos don’t claim Spanish ethnicity unless it’s a close relation. she’s way darker than eva longoria who’s indigenous and eva mendes who’s got an afro grandma!

neither of my grandparents are from spain or fully spanish ethnically so that’s why we are just mexican, peruvian, ect ect… Peru is Highly indigenous and also has a lot of black people, just fyi.

Her dad is Peruvian which opens more of the ethno flood gates indigenous and black via peru too not just puerto rico.

I was initially unhappy but later came happy as he acknowledged his mistake and said sorry. ....afterall it is not five star hotel..Is budget accommodation at end of the day .. The rooftop terrace that came with the room was very nice. It's good to keep in mind though that there is no reception so that you need to call the owner/manager on arrival, the adress is different than mentioned on the booking.

was trying to explain it was sunday hence he missed my calls. The room was very clean, big and wifi was good (but only a signal in the living room). There is also a kitchen in some of the units equipped with a microwave.

Law360, New York (October 16, 2009, PM EDT) -- Seeking more than million in compensation, First Bank Puerto Rico Inc. District Court for the District of Puerto Rico, claims the president of the IBC, Fidel Alonso-Valls, and other insiders perpetrated an elaborate scheme to enrich themselves and freeze out the bank in a sham merger.“Individual defendants intentionally and...

has accused Instituto de Banca y Comercio Inc.’s insiders of carrying out a fraudulent merger in 2007 to deprive it of its 15 percent stake in the educational institution.

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