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In a surreptitious play for power, Mongul told Superboy Metropolis was their next target for obliteration, hoping it would prompt the captive into escaping and defeat the Cyborg for him.the teen Superman was able to flee back to Metropolis, arriving to find Steel, Luthor, Lois Lane and Supergirl gathered near the harbor.

He was soon approached by Supergirl to work with her at Lex Corp.

Despite Director Westfield's initial protests, Cadmus agreed to stop trying to bring him back to the Project.

Dubbilex was chosen to act as a chaperone, in part because Westfield tried to hide the fact he had sent Payback of the DNAliens against Superboy earlier that day.

While informally agreeing to Lex Luthor's proposal, the young Superman went back on his word, seduced into an exclusive contract with Rex Leech, effectively persuaded upon meeting his teenage daughter Roxy.

Vinnie Edge, eager to boost ratings, hired an assassin known only as Stinger to attack his Superman on live television.

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