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Anyway, long story short, yesterday I got an e-mail from one R.

A night before show dinner saw Tyler’s other six string guitarist, Graham Whitford, provides a comic thrill.

Having shared a stage at the ‘Secret Policeman’s Other Ball’ and jammed with him several times, it would have been wonderful to put that experience on record.

Most Jeff Beck shows are very punctual, and this would follow suit as Bryant walked out at PM PCT and launched into his set.

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Caleb Crosby gave a solo in your face in the middle of the audience from a single drum, drum supports, and the wooden Villa 221 floor!

Of course, I mustn t forget two of the nicest guys I ve ever had the pleasure to meet: Max Middleton and Mo Foster, both of whom I was fortunate enough to chat with over a glass or two of wine.

As if 2012, did not hold enough Yardbirds-related anniversaries, Relf helped form the band 20-years ago - although they were originally called the Metropolitan Blues Quartet.

Seeing him in Tampa the night before, what came across to me is that he is really enjoying what he is doing.

He had been in a band on that Dick Clark tour for several shows with the Yardbirds.

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