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Anyone wanting to donate to Ms Brjacic's family can do so here.According to the NHS and MHRA, the risk of vaginal mesh pain after an implant is between one and three per cent.Scottish officials asked for it to be suspended in Scotland in 2014 pending a similar review, but hundreds of women are still believed to be having the surgery.More than 10,000 women a year are fitted with mesh.It's reported she would be pumped full of strong medication in her local hospital's emergency department at least once a month.Kath Sansom, founder of Sling The Mesh, created a Just Giving page to raise £1,000 to send to Ms Brajcic's young sons. Writing on the post, Ms Sansom, 49, said: 'Chrissy was a courageous woman who, despite her suffering, remained, calm, strong and beautiful.'Let her death not be in vain.' Ms Sansom also described her as 'determined to spread the message to stop other women suffering'.

Ella Ebaugh, 51, from Philadelphia, was awarded the eight-figure sum after a jury found the company to be negligent and its product defective.However, it is unsure how many women are now looking to take action in Britain.Mesh, introduced 20 years ago and dubbed 'gold-standard', was promoted as a quick, cheap alternative to complex surgery for incontinence and prolapse.During her final few months, she posted an array of videos detailing her struggle with the scandal-hit devices on her Facebook page.Tributes have flooded in for the 'courageous' interior designer, who helped to raise awareness of the 'catastrophic' mesh, which leaves many in crippling pain.

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