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Going on stage is not recommended unless you’re really open-minded...

Cost: €25; €35 with four drinks; deals available for groups Sleaze factor: 6.

Acts tend to center around props, from ribbons to candles to pens and bananas, and there are male strip teases thrown in for the ladies.

Be warned: the barrier between the audience and the stage is pretty thin here...

So get your hand sanitizer ready -- here are the ‘hood’s five spots to see some action...

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One of us had good karma coming or went to church recently because we were followed by a group of Americans who looked to be on some sort of family retreat. These acts usually occur between the intercourse performances (which unfortunately aren’t always as impressively acrobatic as I’d hope they’d be) and are intended to be humorous.Sometimes the volunteer will be putting that thing in that unholy place. If he/she is part of the banana act, that banana will be eaten.The best approach to avoid being picked is seclusion.The stage feels mighty close here, but there's still a nicely varied crowd.What to expect: The discount is thanks to the smaller theater, but the show is quite similar to Casa Rosso.

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