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Flan’s derivation is dairy – loads of it – as it is conventionally made with milk, condensed milk, or evaporated milk (or all three! The blend is whisked together, settled into a caramelised pan, and baked in a water bath. To enjoy, the container is carefully flipped onto a serving plate, allowing the caramel layer to sit on top while the remaining caramel juices trickle down to the plate’s bottom and pool. Flan’s caramel puddle may be quite sweet for some people, so restaurant servers commonly suggest eating it with an espresso; the bitter sip helps cut through the dessert’s notable sweetness.

Miami’s concentration of Latin American and Caribbean ethnicities make it the ideal city to try several flan selections, and thankfully, flan stays in rotation at almost every Latin American bakery or eatery in the city.

The dessert is made with boiled currants, raspberries, blackberries or strawberries, and some recipes include rhubarb.

Once the fruit has been boiled and a desirable consistency is reached, sweetener or vanilla is added, then the juice is thickened and chilled.

Rødgrød med fløde is served cold with a wallop of heavy cream or touch of milk. Risalamande has its tasting turn in the winter months, especially during the holidays.

Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.

For an elevated flan experience, consider Bulla Gastrobar in Coral Gables or Toro Toro in Downtown.

Bulla’s nightly menu boasts a coconut flan, but the restaurant has been known to switch things up on the menus in accordance with the seasons.

Geography, and sometimes a little serendipity, have lent themselves to these flavourful finales.

But for these five cities, heritage and local culture give their desserts a unique, amazing taste, making them a cut above the rest.

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