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The Museum is also open to the general public and provides educational programming.The Museum of Peoples and Cultures is a museum of archaeology and ethnology.Bateman was also president during the September 11th attacks in 2001.The planes crashed on a Tuesday, hours before the weekly devotional normally held at BYU.Under Maeser's direction the school educated many luminaries including future U. Supreme Court Justice George Sutherland and future U. At that time, the school was also still privately supported by members of the community and was not absorbed and sponsored officially by the LDS Church until July 18, 1896.A series of odd managerial decisions by Cluff led to his demotion; however, in his last official act, he proposed to the Board that the Academy be named "Brigham Young University".He believed that one of the school's greatest strengths was its religious nature and that this should be taken advantage of rather than hidden. Bateman was responsible for the building of 36 new buildings for the university both on and off campus, including the expansion of the Harold B. He was also one of several key college leaders who brought about the creation of the Mountain West Conference, which BYU's athletics program joined — BYU previously participated in the Western Athletic Conference.During his administration, the university added a campus in Jerusalem, now called the BYU Jerusalem Center. A BYU satellite TV network also opened in 2000 under his leadership.

Wilkinson was responsible for the building of over eighty structures on the campus, many of which still stand.

A few have described the school at this time as nothing more than a "religious seminary".

However, many of its graduates at this time would go on to great success and become well renowned in their fields. Harris was appointed the university's president in 1921.

Notwithstanding, each Sunday LDS Church services for students are conducted on campus, but due to the large number of students attending these services, nearly all of the buildings and possible meeting spaces on campus are utilized (in addition, many students attend services off campus in LDS chapels in the surrounding communities).

The campus is home to several museums containing exhibits from many different fields of study.

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