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The free version gives you the basic ability to batch like, but to use the app more than once, you'll have to give it a five star review or share your dirty little secret on social media - a complete con, obviously, but probably worth the hassle as its ads are less intrusive than other add-ons. Alternatives with similar functionality that won't strong-arm you into giving it a positive review include Tinderly, which is available on i OS and Android (where it goes by Swiper Liker), and Bonfire. It’s social networking for people you haven’t met yet.Vetting profiles to no avail can be disheartening, especially if you're new to the game, and that's where Tinder 'Liker' apps come in handy.Instead of taking the time to treat people like individuals, which is so 2013, these programs streamline the matching process by liking everyone that's around you.

If swiping right is as natural as shoving a Johnny in your back pocket before a night out though, check it out.It's a bit of a pain getting signed up (you have to jump through a few hoops to get it to recognise non-US locations) and ultimately operates a paid membership programme, but in the world of happy swiping, it's antiquated feel is quite refreshing.There's also Android and i OS apps to complement the web platform.Hinge is currently limited to London and apparently thinks 'rando' is an acceptable use of the English language, but on the bright side, it's available for both Android and i OS.How to Choose the Best Profile Photos for Online Dating Down is similar to Hinge, but has a much naughtier streak.

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