Banned by facebook s169 85 underground online dating secrets

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So I began a month-long experiment, analysing the profiles of popular online daters and their behaviour on dating sites.

Bear in mind that you ll want most of the features activated, and that some sites can be expensive.

So the rich will continue getting richer, and in the end the consumer will suffer because competition is reduced. When you press the reps further, they will tell you that they personally don't know anything about it, that it's strange, and that the dating ads moratorium is coming directly from [Facebook management].

It's simply impossible to gain traction as a new dating site today without access to Facebook ads.

When I pressed further about what an approved advertiser was or how I could become one, the only answer I got, from multiple representatives, was that it's just a company with a prior relationship with Facebook, and that they're not currently accept any new approved advertisers at this time. We've tried getting info from friends who work at Facebook, prior representatives we've worked with (we've been advertising on Facebook since 2010 in previous non-dating sites we've built), only to receive the same boilerplate response about approved advertisers.

We even tried going through a large intermediary which specializes in mobile ad campaigns, and they were equally surprised to learn about this moratorium.

In the meantime, inability access Facebook is ruining some dating businesses. "It's now June, and since then nothing has changed.

I continue to see dating ads from my direct competitors on Facebook on almost every page view." The source says that he is contacting other smaller dating app companies who are similarly frustrated, and the plan is to band together in some way to change Facebook's mind.

A spokesperson from one of the major dating brands that actively advertising on the site told Business Insider that idea is garbage.

This week, a CEO at another dating site, who asked not to be identified, described to BI just how frustrating the ban has become.

He has 0,000 or more to spend on ads, but Facebook declines to take his money.

We agreed to keep this executive anonymous because he is hoping to repair his relationship with Facebook.

The problem is that several major dating site brands — like Zoosk, and e Harmony — are allowed to advertise on Facebook.

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