Battery icon not updating

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However, this sort of behavior can confuse the laptop’s battery meter.No matter how well you take care of the battery, its capacity will still decrease as a result of unavoidable factors like typical usage, age, and heat.Your smartphone is a minor miracle, a pocket-sized computer that can fulfill almost every whim.

Check your laptop manufacturer’s website for information on using any utilities they provide. I just happened to notice that the camera had stopped working - This is the norm. I don't mind stock-piling batteries for cameras in high traffic areas, but I don't understand why Blink can't fix this problem. If you get no system notification of low battery strength, batteries could die at high-risk times when you need them the most. Recommanded to Only use Lithium batteries as they have a life span of upto 5 years in storage due to a slower discharge rate. Later in the day, batteries in another camera died, with no "replace" message received.If the battery isn’t allowed to run from 100% down to 0% , the battery’s power meter won’t know how much juice is actually in the battery.That means your laptop may think it’s at 30% capacity when it’s really at 1%—and then it shuts down unexpectedly.

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not updating since new heads added