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However, we don’t live in that world any longer and online dating has made finding a relationship a very realistic resolution.Reminders that Time Moves by Quickly The new year doesn’t just bring resolutions; it brings reminders that time goes by .However, I think other things can improve your odds much better.Specifically, commitment to finding a relationship. Simply “sticking with it” will bring far better result than waiting for January to roll around.So while I don’t fit perfectly with the statistics, I do have the memories of having the feeling that, “this part of my life needs to change and now is the perfect time”.However, I didn’t meet my wife until 6 months later.Watching the New Year roll in with no one special to share it with isn’t fun.Experience that for a few years in a row and suddenly it’s not just loneliness that we experience but also anxiety! Even if you are willing to ignore the cold and get out more often, many other people are not.

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After dealing with these types of holidays, many singles are very sensitive to the fact that another holiday is headed their way: Valentine’s Day.Feeling depressed will likely just amplify the bad feels singles have in regards to being alone and often this can drive many people to take that dreaded first-step with dating online.If someone were to argue that dating online in January would increase your odds of meeting someone, I don’t think I would argue with that.Sure, January may have had more people than June but it was sticking with it that brought me success, not the particular month it happened to be.My thoughts: the statistics and conversation on the “best” time to date online is interesting and well worth consideration but don’t let it be the only thing helping you decide!

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