Being bald dating

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At 40 some women realize that while they may be hitting some regular peaks sexually, men are sadly on the decline or too jaded to care.At 50, it dawns on one that a career in Kenyan politics starts in one’s mid thirties and climaxes hopefully in Presidency at the grand age of 70.Somewhere between the age of 26 and 32 they will be expected to takes sides.Do you choose to be a married, shackled woman or to be a free spirited, single, sexy and independent young woman blowing out the smoke of defiance?Experience has taught me that age is everything about the number.In fact your age is like your personal identification number.By eighteen, the world expects you to look and behave like a woman because it won’t be long before you are sold off.

In the beginning, they will expect you to walk before you can run. Soon after, your first words ‘mama’ will be anticipated.If you keep everyone waiting like Einstein did for four years, they might call you a slow learner.At about 5 years of age you quickly realize that wetting your pants doesn’t provide the same comic relief it did a few years ago.As always, the unspoken rule is, “Don’t get caught”.Girls will notice that society can get increasingly impatient with an underdeveloped chest, hence the wonder bra.

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