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The concept of “You” is far more fluid and malleable than most people would think.We change who we are – who we are – all the time; after all, we’re not the same person we were when we were 10, or 20, or 30.That having been said: just because you’re authentically you doesn’t mean that you’re home free.It’s an unfortunate truth that sometimes the “You” that is presented to the world isn’t exactly the most attractive version that you could be putting forward.

Anyone who had to interact with them in the real world would think they’re just creepy assholes.

Some issues are strictly ones of presentation – a bad hair cut, for example, or ugly, ill-fitting clothes will tell people that you’re someone who doesn’t care about themselves and will only serve to highlight whatever flaws you have.

Poor hygiene will drive people away from even the most attractive face and figure.

Other issues lie just below the surface: a lack of social experience for example, that means you may have the best of intentions but you end up creeping people out by accident.

These are often matters of ignorance – problematic, but correctable with time and practice. Being your authentic self isn’t going to help if you’re angry and resentful because you aren’t being handed the sex you think you’re “owed” by virtue of being a Nice Guy.

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