Best english translated dating sims

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Imagine pouring your heart into it, handing it over to the publisher, and having them slap the name Ninja Five-O on the cover. Hudson Soft created this underrated gem for Game Boy Advance, placing players in the shoes of Joe Osugi in his fight against ninja terrorists.

Everyone missed Ninja Five-O, partially because it had no marketing and partially because of a cover that said "cash grab".

Current Price: Mega Man Zero is one of the first titles on this list that you can find on Amazon Marketplace, meaning you don't have to hunt on Ebay for it.

Alternatively, you can pick up Mega Man Zero Collection for Nintendo DS.

Advance Wars 2 was less of a sequel and more of an expansion pack grafted onto the original game.

Unlike previous Mega Man games, the world in MMZ is presented as one big world to explore, like Castlevania: Simon's Quest.

This is the second Fire Emblem game we received in the US after years of nothing.

This series is the other side of Intelligent Systems' strategy creations: whereas Advance Wars is about controlling your resources, Fire Emblem is all about the story, with Sacred Stones pitting six wor-torn nations against one another.

Let us say a small prayer to our Lord IGA, for the bounty he heaped upon us.

Current Price: -40 Despite the Castlevania Double Pack re-release in 2006, Aria of Sorrow still commands a premium price.

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