Black american women for dating

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All while Black men continue wandering off to do whatever they want to do, without considering how their choices affect the so-called community. As was mentioned during the Who Else Wants An Optimal Lifestyle?

post: There won’t be any collective solution to what has been called “Black Marital Mogadishu” in the United States because 50% of the participants needed for any Black marriage—Black men—benefit from the current absence of marriage among African-Americans.

It’s about African-American men generally being content with the collapse of the African-American family.

Black men will complain about the aftershocks created by the mass absence of marriage among African-Americans, such as the legions of fatherless, violent Black male criminals.

Black men generally like things the way they are right now.

The collapse of the African-American family is not about a lack of jobs.

Don’t be deceived by the many, many lies African-American consumers tell about their motivations. Look at African-American consumers’ collective actions. The harsh reality is that African-American consumer decisions are not motivated by considerations of quality or customer service.

If African-American consumers cared about quality or service, then they would not be jam-packed in the filthy, rude Arab and Korean-owned stores that exist within Black residential areas.

Anybody who thinks that this behavior is driven by a lack of opportunity should examine the collective behavior of the African-American men who do have “good” educations and jobs.Black consumers will continue shopping in Arab-owned stores even after learning the Arab shopkeeper allows Black gang members to sell drugs outside the back.Even after learning the Arab shopkeeper is exchanging groceries for sexual favors.With this post, viagra I’m talking to other aspiring and current African-American business owners.Even if you’re not in a position to comment and publicly discuss your views, please consider the points raised by this post.

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