Bloggers re entering the dating world

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This one pertains solely to relationships where there is a language barrier.

You could be as fluent as a non-native can be, but it is nearly impossible to truly understand humor or complicated emotion in a language that is not your mother tongue.

Soon enough, you’re riding on the back of his Vespa through winding roads to watch the sunset from a spot that only locals know about thinking, is this real life??

That’s exactly what happened to me when I studied abroad in Granada, Spain last spring and, BOY, do I wish I had someone warn me that such a romance isn’t all rainbows and butterflies.

This makes for a lot of frustration and, more than likely, many unnecessary fights.

If you’re only living abroad for a limited amount of time, having a man in your home base can and will distract you in some way.

With the history, natural beauty and exciting culture, it’s easy to fall in love with the place you’re in and the life you live there.

Between the yummy food, flowing drinks and new adventures, your pleasure center is constantly stimulated.

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When choosing where to move abroad, most women choose charming and romanticized places whether it be Rome, Barcelona, Buenos Aires or New Zealand.Mix in a relationship with all these feelings and emotions and it becomes hard to distinguish how you feel about the person versus how you feel towards life in general at this time.Would you be in love with this guy if you were back in your home town? These are things worth thinking about if you’re interested in more than a fling.I wouldn’t trade in my experience for the world, but I want to share some of the darker sides of falling in love abroad that no one talks about. I met a fantastic guy, I became fluent in Spanish from constantly conversing with my novio and his friends and family in their language.I learned colloquial terms and sayings I never would have known and got an insiders look into lesser-known spots in the city.

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