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"Here they just happen to work in highly visible areas, and it's not just a question of getting them off the streets."You have to deter their clients, which is why we've installed cameras which also help reduce violence." Campaigners say the rise of sex tourism in Brazil is partly a consequence of its relative decline elsewhere.

The BBC's Steve Kingstone reports from Recife, one of the centres of the Brazilian sex tourism industry.

In a bar where foreign men meet Brazilians, I was approached by Paula who said she was 19 but seemed younger. Paula explained that she was looking for a man who could give her a better life in Europe. Later, a Brazilian BBC colleague spoke to Paula's mother, who said Paula could come to my hotel that night - it was for me to name the price.

A mother prostituting her own daughter may seem shocking, but in the end it comes down to basic economics.

Not the paradise of desert islands and solitude but a more earthly variety, with vibrant beaches and beautiful people.

The latter is the attraction for a growing number of foreign tourists who come to Brazil looking for sex, and in many cases they are willing to pay for it.

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