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Where is the great serpent with nine heads and where is the Shu-Hu? Hawkes 198) The emperor of the South Sea was called Shu [Brief], the emperor of the North Sea was called Hu [Sudden], and the emperor of the central region was called Hun-tun [Chaos].

The ancient emperor Hung [Hwang-te] had a descendant devoid of ability [and virtue]. When Shun became Yaou's minister, he received the nobles from the four quarters of the empire, and banished these four wicked ones, Chaos, Monster, Block, and Glutton, casting them out into the four distant regions, to meet the spite of the sprites and evil things. Legge 1872 3) The other "fiends" are Qiongqi 窮奇, Taowu 梼杌, and Taotie 饕餮.Note that the English loanword wonton is borrowed from the Cantonese pronunciation wan.Mair (19) explains hundun and wonton, "The undifferentiated soup of primordial chaos.Hundun 混沌 was semantically extended from a mythic "primordial chaos; nebulous state of the universe before heaven and earth separated" to mean "unintelligible; chaotic; messy; mentally dense; innocent as a child".In modern Written Chinese, hùndùn "primordial chaos" is 混沌, but Chinese classic texts wrote it either 渾沌 ( in the Daoist classic Zhuangzi, etc.) or 渾敦 (Zuozhuan).

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