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Nonoka has below average grades, is extremely athletic and has an upbeat personality that allows her to have a lot of friends of both genders. Mai is a classmate of the protagonist's little sister, Kanon. Rina has a very gentle demeanor and is in the same school year as the protagonist.Her grades are quite good even with the careless mistakes that she often makes.In the game, she has her own route after completing the seven other girls' routes.Hiromichi is the president of the Photography Club.Kazuya Maeda is a second-year high school student who takes pictures of girls with his camera that he received from his dad.The game focuses on his romantic encounters with various girls at his school.

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Her interest in photography was sparked by a senpai with an interest in photography (who was also a friend of Kudō's) who cheered her up when she was disheartened after her injury.

The lone female member of the club, from class 1-C, her nickname is "Stealth", because of her specialty in photographing unsuspecting subjects.

Due to the mole below her left eye as well as other clues, it is hinted that she is the popular cosplayer, Alice.

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is a Japanese dating sim game developed by Dingo Inc.

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