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Meaning, it is possible to acquire the virus even if no active HSV blisters or sores are present.

Herpes simplex virus (HSV)-2 is periodically shed in the human genital tract, most often asymptomatically.

Meet people according to their favourite literature – so long as it’s not Anime porn?

Zombies – If you had a missed connection at the last zombie walk, Zombie Harmony is for you.

: I can't believe them Pavanos would treat me like this.

Asymptomatic reactivation means that the virus causes atypical, subtle or hard to notice symptoms that are not identified as an active herpes infection.

What I learned is that there are three questions many men ask themselves when viewing your profile usually in this order: 1.

At best you look ashamed to be online, at worst, like a crazy recluse with nobody willing to take your photo.

What you do is your personal business and that’s your own privacy…the only thing you can really know is, we’re just not liable for if something got out there.

It's also the email that sent me on a half-hour-long rant to two (very straight) guy friends here in San Francisco.

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