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Never send money to somebody you only know from the internet, or phone. While many of the ladies are real on this site, I am finding, and found by, many scammers every time I log in.

Nowadays, those two sites are the only option for me after I spent hundreds and thousands of dllars chatting and getting nowhere. I'm not sure where to start with regard to my disappointment and frustration with this site. As my month draws quickly to a close, I can report having established no meaningful connection with any of the dozens of women I corresponded with during this time.

Scammers aside (yes, they certainly prowl the site), the women gush with interest in you initially but once you try to actually talk with them, they tend to not respond to your questions and replace it with vacuous lines about how they seek a caring and honest man and how they are 'serious' in their search.

As of 2001, Cherry Blossoms had evolved entirely to a web-based format. Cherry Blossoms currently operates in over a hundred countries, with a strong presence in China, South America, and southeast Asia, especially the Philippines.

Cherry Blossoms was started as a picture catalog magazine-style introduction service of Ridge Consultants in 1974 and is no longer owned by the original founder.

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