Chinese dating ettiquet

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Never put anyone on the spot: Always offer a way out so your counterpart can preserve face.Just saying No: Actually, never say NO, try and find more indirect ways of saying it, such as, ‘I will have to look into that, or, I am not sure we could do that.Ongoing: If you have an ongoing relationship and need someone in your firm to represent you, make sure you introduce them in person to your Chinese counterparts.The Chinese place great emphasis on personal introductions as the basis of trust.You have read a book or two on the subject, perhaps even read Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’, but how do you negotiate that price down, or sell that extra widget? Guests are greeted upon arrival by a representative and escorted to the meeting room; hosts are expected to be in place before guests arrive.

In such a context, the word "yes" does not mean that they agree with what you say or with your terms.Always talk to the host, never directly to the translator.One-on-one’s: Chinese people tend not to express what they have in mind in public.Colours: Avoid White; it is the colour or mourning.Red, suggests power, prosperity and authority, and is the preferred colour in China. 3 means longevity and 8 means wealth/prosperity Let them smoke: There are 350 million people who smoke in China.

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