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This could be, in part, due to the country’s increasing gender gap.In China, there will be an expected 30 million more adult men than women by 2020.It explained the holiday to its merchants — which include companies ranging from Panasonic to Clinique — which readily agreed to Singles’ Day promotions.More than 50 exclusive deals will be on the site Tuesday.As the lore goes, students at Nanjing University started Singles’ Day in 1993 as a way to celebrate being single, largely by buying themselves presents.

That deadline fell on November 11, or 1-1-1-1, China’s National Singles’ Day.

In 2009, Singles’ Day was initially marketed towards men as “Bachelor’s Day,” although it is now embraced by both sexes.

But just as Valentine’s Day was embraced by Hallmark and other corporations in the U.

Once the concept was commonly accepted, it grew in significance.

“Single is the equivalent of saying you’re hungry [rather than saying you haven’t eaten yet],” Xu explains. And China is creating this demand for people to get married.” While this pressure is placed on men and women, in Xu’s experience men are the hungriest.

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