Christain dating advice

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Most people are doing the former, putting more effort into preparing their Facebook page for their wedding photos and their footballer husband or trophy wife so the world can see how great they did.

Let alone getting the invites ready for 400 guests… So in the end what are you doing when it comes to preparing for a real Christian and godly marriage?

And this is why God insists one person must be in charge (in all the right ways and not world’s ways). Well apart from the obvious – that he is physically stringer (in most cases:) someone has to lead. Does it mean he has a ticket to lord it over his woman, or a ticket to bully the woman to accept his stupid ideas – nope – hopefully when that happens she will resist until he sees sense.

Be aware being the head means you have to be prepared to give your life for her and your kids.

Ultimately deep down most women want a leader – it’s a natural response.

There are always exceptions, where circumstances mean roles are reversed in some areas for a season – that’s life.

Preparing for a fantastic wedding, or preparing your heart and mind for being a great husband or wife.

Yep – contrary to what the world teaches us (and as people used to know back in the day – even non-Christians) it’s not what you can GET from the marriage – it’s what you can GIVE to your partner and your marriage!

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