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So it was convenient when I had it to clean the carpets in my car.

During the warm months I easily get 40 mpg with a little hypermiling.

Step1: Vacuum the entire interior Step2: Apply the foam evenly over carpet area. Step4: Reapply and re-scrub for tough stains/spots Step5: Wipe down the area with a damp cloth Step6: Let it sit/dry for a period of time Step7: Vacuum the entire interior again.

Front Driver Side before: After: Front Passanger side before: After: Rear driver side before: Applying the cleaner: After all steps completed: Rear passanger before: After: Bucket after everything: Here is what the towel looked like after wiping down front driver carpet...

Carpet is very clean now but now I'm wondering if the brush I used damaged the carpet or not (too aggressive).

So now my question is, how is the carpet suppose to look when it's new?

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