College senior dating high school senior

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Every day I lined my entire eye with black eyeliner and wore a sparkly eyeshadow from Forever 21. I remember seeing my freshmen yearbook picture and being shocked, like,why do I look like a bear?!My senior yearbook picture was sentimental because it was my senior year.Besides the clearer skin and better kept hair, I see a 'happier me' in my senior year picture.I see a sense of confidence in that picture, which I think relates to how I felt at the time." "I loved my curly hair, but sometimes I didn't know how to handle it and I guess picture day freshman year was one of those times.I remember straightening my hair for a good hour in hopes that it wouldn't curl up during the short walk from the car into the building where pictures were being taken.As you can see, it was already starting to curl after all my hard work.

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I wasn't obsessed with being the cool girl, just with being myself.""At the time, I disliked both photos.Looking back, I feel love for both because I can really see how fast I changed over the past four years.The changes I notice most are the way I did my makeup and hair." "At the time, I honestly hated my freshman year photo.I was sick when I took it, and I felt you could definitely tell with the puffiness in my face, and of course my braces didn't help.When I first got my senior year photos, I was surprised at how different I looked.

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