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Paul, the same home where they had lived before moving briefly to California in 1929.Charles Schulz also entered high school this year, attending Central High School in St. The distance between home and school would be the farthest he had to travel to date, but The Family Barbershop was located in the middle of the route so that he probably didn’t feel too far removed from the neighborhood that he knew best.

Schulz later cited choosing the Federal Schools over other resident art schools in the Twin Cities area as due to the fact that, “it was this correspondence course’s emphasis upon cartooning that won me.” The summer after graduation, Schulz caddied at the local Highland Park Golf Course, took odd jobs, and continued his coursework with the Federal Schools.During his freshman year, Charles Schulz attended Sanford Junior High School in St.Paul, about ten blocks from their home on Dayton Avenue.Carl took a job working alongside his brother-in-law, Monroe “Monte” Halverson, at his barbershop across from Santa Fe Park.Charles attended the D Street School just a few blocks down the street from their home.

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