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Coronation Street aired on the channel simultaneously with ITV's broadcasts of the programme (this continued until 1992 when it was put on RTÉ 1 due to the Olympic Games coverage).

It broadcast much live programming from the BBC and ITV.

Hence RTÉ 2 was aimed at those that did not have the UK channels.

To this end one of their main remits was the re-broadcasting of UK programming to Irish audiences, that would not otherwise be seen on RTÉ 1.

Up to 60% of the Republic of Ireland could receive UK channels via spillover or via cable.

Cable in the republic was only permitted in areas of spillover up to the mid-1980s, to provide viewers with better reception of channels they could already receive over the air.

Elsewhere theme nights became a regular fixture, particularly on Fridays and Saturdays.

Owing to a technical fault, audio from BBC2 was played during the countdown instead of the proper soundtrack, and when the channel commenced programmes, there was no audio for the initial 15 seconds or so.

At first the new channel broadcast in the evenings only.

In 1988 the majority of sporting and children's programming was moved to Network 2, the new name for RTÉ 2.

In September 1988, RTÉ 2 was given a major revamp and became Network Two.

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