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It is definitely my most unexpected photography project.

I took them once I came out of hospital and I’ve added some of them below.

And although I’m still in some pain with my neck and ear (it’s still perforated, the ear drum that is).

I didn’t make it easy for myself with this photograph.I do quite a good Frankenstein impression, don’t you think?It was funny how my mind and body reacted to the general anaesthetic, the operation took 9 hours from 9am to 6pm (yep you read that right – 9).It was taken about a week after the operation because it had been too painful to hold my camera before then.Yes you could say a tripod might have been in order. Oh and this was better you should have seen my arm the week before, all of it was purple. I think knowledge is a two-edged sword, too much of it can be a bad thing but not enough can also have it’s problems.

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