Dating a banker ananymous

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The next morning at 9.30 I presented the banker's draft to the woman at the bank who had given me the earlier reassurance. I asked that she confirm this and than telephone me.

Twenty minutes later she called - and told me that the banker's draft was in fact a counterfeit.

He stopped, and I explained that I had forgotten to ask him for proof of identity.

Still feeling a little uncomfortable, I decided to find out what risks might be involved with a banker's draft and called my bank.The day arrived and I met him at the railway station.We went for a test drive and then back to my home, where we completed the V5 form. " Being honest I reminded him that price agreed was £25,000, which was the sum the banker's draft was actually made out for.A lady whose relationship with a financial guy has tanked with the economy during our present recession.Created by the founders of the blog, Dating A Banker Anonymous, the acronym "DABA" has become an oft-referenced term within the dating financial set and among cultural critics."After Henry got laid off at Goldman, he spent far more time at bars and stopped engaging with me like he used to.

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