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It’s the end of an era, friends, I’m calling it the end of my Bohemian Bum Man-Child phase. Nothing, not even if he looks like Ryan Gosling, can make me go back. Guys, cyber bully the shit out of me if you think I’m falling off the wagon. I’ll be 28 years old in two weeks, this comes not a moment too soon. (Plus he composts, this is enough to melt a California-NYC transplant’s heart.) He doesn’t think I’m amazing just for giving him the time of day. I hope we both stick around long enough to find out.Read the full story: There’s only one confirmed relationship of Eun-Ji till now. Bum, who was also designated as ‘Eun-Ji’ immediate boyfriend, is a very famous South Korean actor/ model and singer. However, their love affair dissolved in 2013 after their break up.Neither Eun- ji nor Bum revealed the reason behind their breakup. If your girlfriend thinks that you are a lazy bum, you just might be a lazy bum. How do you value your worth in this relationship and within yourself? This is not the way you should want your girlfriend to see you. Open yourself up to new possibilities and start taking risks. One of the biggest killers of relationships is the lazy bum disease. It literally saps a relationship of all of its health and energy just like a disease does to the body. What then happens is she begins to lose respect for you. You are almost like a child that she has to keep correcting and pushing.Even though Eun-Ju's professional life is known by many, only a few know about her boyfriend and dating history.Eun-Ji was linked with Kim Bum in the past, but currently, her relationship status appears to be single.

If you tend to leave dirty dishes in the sink, wash them.Many guys get into romantic relationships and allow their other relationships to weaken. They just stay with girlfriend and are happy there. Your girlfriend also wants to see that you take the time to continue cultivating other relationships outside of the one that you have with her.This makes you more balanced in her eyes and she would have more respect for you. You have to stay on top of things and ensure that you are moving the relationship forward.Once you start looking like a child that she has to be constantly yapping at because they aren’t behaving right, you start losing her love. Show your girlfriend that she is still special to you by taking her out and showing her a good time.

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