Dating a non christian women speed dating odessa tx

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With the added pressure of other people drifting in and out of casual relationships, everyone else is having all the fun and you end up wondering why you don't try it yourself!

To make things trickier still, some non-Christians have higher morals, and are more faithful and understanding than their fellow Christians.

In order to give you the bird’s eye view, let’s take an honest look at the pro’s and cons of dating (and potentially marrying) a non-Christian Guy. The Bible commands us to evangelize them…and this is always done in a non-romantic relationship. Whether it’s on the topic of purity, media choices, activities, language, or something else…you will find yourself at odds with one another regularly. A non-Christian boyfriend will not share this same mission with you because He does not serve the same King. God calls men to be spiritual leaders, and a non-Christian guy cannot provide that for you. Whether it’s politics, hot topics of the day, evolution, abortion, or something else, a non-Christian guy will always view life from a totally difference lens than you. Since this guys isn’t a believer, you will never be able to seek the Lord together. And if you did end up marrying a non-Christian guy, your challenges would only get harder.

You will find yourself striving on your own with little support or understanding. No matter how “nice” or moral he is, he cannot provide you with spiritual leadership because He doesn’t have a relationship with God. His source for truth isn’t God’s word, so his worldview won’t align with yours in many areas. You will never pray together, seek wisdom from the Holy spirit together, or learn from God’s word in the same way. Raising kids in a spiritually divided house is tough.

Well here's a few thoughts and what the Bible has to say about this subject.

You must have heard it said; There is of course nothing inherently wrong with dating a non-Christian.

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But there are many more stories to the contrary of great heartache and eventual splitting of partners either before or after marriage - sometimes much later in life.

And for that reason, I would never consider dating him.

The question of whether a Christian should date a non-Christian has been circulating for centuries.

The modern trend of casually “dating around” isn’t helpful or wise on so many fronts.

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