Dating a recently divorced woman

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’” Whether or not they can actually articulate who or what a Kardashian is, there are plenty of people here who are seemingly happy to simply be around one.

Khloé’s book won’t be published until the fall, and there aren’t any physical copies to sign today, so everyone’s gonna go home with a pre-signed sticker instead.

There’s the obvious: at 5'11" she towers over her sisters, Kourtney and Kim.

She’s always looked different, too, with curly, light locks and a completely different body shape than her petite older siblings.

Once they’ve navigated the line (there are actually more than a half dozen “Khloé Line Starts Here” signs throughout the convention center), fans have less than 30 seconds to pose, hug, talk, and grab a sticker. A tween dressed in black cutoff shorts, dirty Converse, and a T-shirt with “MY HEART BELONGS TO KHLOÉ” ironed on the front has brought flowers and a signed Kardashian tote bag.

She runs one of Khloé’s biggest fan accounts on Instagram, “Kayla Kardashian,” and later today she’ll post a photo to her 11,000 followers showing her crying into Khloé’s chest with a caption that ends with “You always give me the most amazing experience and treat me so amazing!

” Of course the only people Kardashians have real relationships with are, well, other Kardashians.

” The first two women standing underneath the “Khloé Line Starts Here” sign at Book Con in the Javits Center on Manhattan’s West Side are in their mid-30s: one wears mom-washed Levi’s, the other’s dressed in a sharp black spandex outfit, straight from Soul Cycle.

They’re talking to a woman whose neighboring booth has been overrun by barricades, security guards, and screaming kids, all of which are here on account of an appearance by Khloé Kardashian, who’s promoting her new memoir/self-help book, .

On top of that, her stepfather Caitlyn Jenner (formerly Bruce) transitioned to become a woman.

This is Khloé’s real life, and it’s eagerly watched every week by millions of viewers.

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