Dating across language barrier

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The burning desire to be able to communicate with his family better is the only thing keeping me going through the hundreds of hours of self-study.

I’m bad at learning languages; I always have been (something I talked about quite a bit in this post).

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while, ever since I wrote this guest post on my friend Jocelyn’s blog (Speaking of China) about the benefits of being married to a non-native English speaker and publishing the author, Tracy’s, guest post about the 10 surprises about marrying someone who speaks a different language.I also planned the majority of our honeymoon (again, in America). Most of the “couple friends” I find speak English fluently… Or have one partner who is foreign (like me) and one partner who is Japanese (like Ryosuke). He can keep up with the conversation – even lead it (if he wants). One of the first things his father did was turn to me and ask “And how do you feel about this decision?And when we lived in America, I was in charge of planning our vacations, booking hotels, organizing transportation, and doing all the other “technical” stuff. In a perfect world, everyone would be able to speak every language. Most of the “couple friends” Ryosuke find don’t speak English. Of course, I prefer hanging out with native English speakers. Everyone always thinks he’s hilarious, clever, and cool. These days, we have a nice assortment of “couple friends” with various language abilities. ” It’s hard to convey my (true) feelings in Japanese.So I stay silent and trust my husband to speak for me. twenty seven yens) instead of the much quicker Japanese (二千六百二十七円).And when it comes to tense situations in English, he trusts me to convey his feelings to my family. It’s frustrating having to trust someone to speak for you – but he’s never let me down (so far). Which sucks because literally every fourth thing I say in English is sarcastic. It’s understandable (Japan has a large number of annual tourists who don’t speak a word of Japanese), albeit annoying.

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