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But thousands of Albanians allowed into the UK are suspected of adopting bogus identities from neighbouring Kosovo, claiming persecution during the regional conflict 18 years ago.Imposters are now fronting a drugs and prostitution scandal on Britain's streets.but none can even remotely compare to the vast blessings, gifts, grace, stations, peace and tranquility received by one who performs Zikr.Learn more about the blessings that await you Different people have different tastes.Known in underworld circles simply as 'The Albanians', they also operated a sophisticated 'dial-a-drug' phone line, raking in £250,000 and living in lavishly-decorated apartments in the city centre.They are believed to have worked with Manchester's more established gangs - but were arming themselves with guns in case of conflict.

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Virtues of Zikr: Virtues of all good deeds are numerous and pleasing.

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Therefore, it would be wrong in God’s eyes for an unmarried couple to live together—even if they intend to get married later. God still requires that they marry before having sex.

It was God who created us with the capacity to love. (1 John 4:8) Therefore, he has good reason for insisting that sex be reserved for married couples.

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