Dating an ex pimp

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Do you really want to be up before the court some day? If he did, he would not: - Manipulate you - Solicit money from you - Bring the women over to your house - Hit you (no matter if you stood in his way or not) - Hit you when you are pregnant - In fact, be a pimp. The other reason to leave, besides just you becoming mentally healthy and stable (a good thing for a parent to be), is that what he is doing is illegal.

(A man who loves a woman cleans up his act so he is not in danger of being thrown into jail.) Sorry, but you picked the wrong man to be obsessed with. And making you an accessory by bringing the women into your life. I am so sorry to hear that you have gotten yourself into this situation in life.

Unfortunately with this man being a pimp and bringing in women from off the street and into your lives, there is going to be trouble and drama. peace and good luck Hi there and welcome to med help. I mean, who really dreams of being with a bona fide pimp? But with a child involved, you need to get a grip on that and stop this destructive pattern.

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so i meet a guy almost two years ago he was god sent attentive,caring,nd was very gud wit my kids we started dating nd then i found out he was a pimp he has never asked me to hoe for him but i have given him money all the we meet he would take me out my treat go to movies have sexual incounters that was mind blowing each time is better than our last time i felt as is i couldnt breath at a loss for words each time he is something that i cant explain it came the time wen i let him bring one of his girls that he had on the street into my life i kept her daughter for months.i have lied to him about thing over nd over but only because i didnt want to lose him he is like an addiction that i cant seem to shake sometimes i dont have to lie but his punishments are harsh he turns on the silent treatment no communication for days weeks sometimes he tells me he loves me but i dont know to believe it i want to but now im 9 months pregnant we got into a huge argument because i kept something from him about one of his girls nd i was lying about talking to her wen she was trying to leave him she told me she wouldnt put me in it but as soon as she got the chance she told him everything he got mad at me nd was trying to leave but i wanted him to listen to me nd stood in his way so he couldnt leave he demanded that i get out of his way bur i didnt listen so he hit me to make me move i havent heard from him in almost 2 months now i suffer a breakdown i wanted to kill myself i couldnt sleep i thought of him every min of the day nd night i almost drove my self crazy about this man one thing i can say out of it all he brought me a long way he made me see nd feel things ive never felt before nd thats wat made me fall in love with him i neef some advice trully. I had a big argument leave and don't talk for a while. And we r married and truly in love Too bad you aren't seeing a therapist, you need one to help you look realistically at the situation. If you can't afford a therapist, see a minister or a social worker. does he have nothing else going for him that this is the only way he can have an income? I agree with Anniebrooke that a therapist would be really important here. But to help you understand why on Earth you ever were with this guy in the first place.

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