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cal BP and it correlates geochronologically with GIS-10 and GIS-9 and thus to the older group of the Aurignacian in Europe.Indeed the findings indicate a possible contemporaneity of the Româneşti- Dumbrăviţa I, GH 3 with the Oase AMH finds.In the 1980s, archaeologist James Dunbar and paleontologist David Webb dug up the knife-scarred mastodon tusk that had been left there and estimated it to be more than 14,400 years old.

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"What we tried to do at Page-Ladson is make a really strong case that would be unassailable ...The cores are commonly unidirectional but there are also bi-/multidirectional ones.They are carinated, prismatic, and narrow-faced (including burin-like cores- on-flakes).In addition to Româneşti-Dumbrăviţa, another central European Aurignacian 0 / Proto-Aurignacian site, located in the neighboring Balkans, in northwestern Bulgaria is Kozarnika Cave, layer VII.This site is located in in the Danube River valley. Much has been achieved, and research has made considerable progress on our way towards more sustainable understanding in the last 20 years.

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