Dating guidelines for teen

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Will your teen’s curfew be different when out on a date versus out with friends? Is it okay for your teen to date someone a few years older or younger?

These guidelines are important to establish early on so there is not confusion in the future.

The numbers are staggering, and, yet, it seems that no one is talking about it.

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Brainless dating is dating ineffectively, dating anyone who has a pulse, becoming centered on your girlfriend or boyfriend, having your heart broken repeatedly, and doing what everyone else seems to be doing.”Studies indicate that many of today’s teens are taking dating far too seriously. Truth be known, very few people actually marry their high school sweetheart.

It is important for parents to be ready for this aspect of teen dating as well.

By Julie Baumgardner A young mom was talking with her 8-year-old daughter about her day at school when the daughter revealed she had a boyfriend.

To help ensure your teen has a positive dating experience, here are a few things to consider when preparing for your conversation.

Age matters Dating is different for a middle-school-aged teen versus an upperclassman in high school.

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