Dating hillerich and bradsby bats

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" Ted explains that back then memorabilia wasn't the business it is today.Players would frequently tell their friends -- sometimes multiple friends -- that they were giving them this bat or that ball as a special gift. To Ted Williams, having a bunch of cops who owed him a favor was probably more valuable than any old bat.One of the impressive things about the Clemente bat in the Hall, Ted says, is that its provenance is rock solid.

I think of all the stuff that happened between that picture and now that he can no longer remember. Kevin Guilfoile is the author of novels "Cast of Shadows" and "The Thousand." This piece has been excerpted from his memoir, "A Drive into the Gap," which is published by Field Notes Brand Books and is available at

Ted doesn't sound surprised."Every bat in the Hall of Fame has a story like this," he says.

"Do you know how many Boston cops claim Ted Williams gave him the bat from his 500th home run?

I ask him about the picture Clemente took with José Santiago.

Personally I can't say for sure, but I can see how someone, like Duane Rieder, might look at that photo and say the bat looks dirtier than the one in the Hall.

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