Dating his ex wife

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And by having his back on this, you’ll gain his respect and love for you, versus being treated as a jealous girlfriend.

"That might be all you need to chill out any instinct to claw the ex’s eyes out.

He feels betrayed by both of them." Although it was the first time the pair had been photographed out and about together, it's been rumoured that the pair have been in a relationship for years, but kept it quiet - either out of respect for Tom and the child he and Katie have, or, if you'd like a more bizarre theory, because he had a clause in their divorce which meant that Katie wasn't 'allowed' to go public with a new relationship for five years.

Now that five years have passed, the pair are free to openly date.

Katie and Tom were married from 2006 until 2006, and Tom reportedly feels betrayed that his ex-wife is dating one of his friends and former co-stars.

Jamie, 49, and Tom, 55, starred together in 2004’s Collateral, and became friends during filming – in fact, Cruise was present for Jamie and Katie’s first official picture together in 2006. And while Tom is believed to have known about his ex’s relationship with Foxx since they started dating in 2013, he is reportedly upset about the romance.

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